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Useful Tools for CrossCrafting

Please consider supporting me in a small way with your purchases by using the following affiliate links for supplies. It won’t cost you anything extra. Water-soluble Fabric Pen – great for marking pick up positions on fabric when knitting or crocheting onto commercial fabric. Tiny Metal Crochet Hooks – Great for puncturing fabric to pick […]

Peace in Our Time! or Can’t We All Just Yarn Along?

Carina Spencer recently posted a pic of the autofill on a google search…. It was a totally strange thing to see “knitters are ruining this country” in the mix. So I googled it, and the first result is a self-admitted rant from a knitter who also crochets and has had a lot of bad feedback […]

2013 Year of Making in Review

Like most women I have body issues. I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them most days, but some days the little voice in the back of my head is extra whiney and hard to ignore. It tells me I’m not good enough, that I’ve never been good enough, that everything I do is a fraud, […]

Sayonara 2013!

Looking back from this side of the new year, I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of 2013. Early in the year, we thought my Dad was dying of congestive heart failure and I spent months silently grieving that I would loose him. It turns out his pacemaker wasn’t working as it should, […]

Welcome to 2013!

Looking forward to the new year I have a few goals, not the least of which is to use this space more. Writing is a muscle that I’ve not exercised very well in the last year, and I’m feeling the lack. So here they are… 2013’s goals: 1. Blog regularly 2. Make cheese 3. Learn […]


I’ve been working on a sweater for my sister Laura, that’s black fingering weight and taking a REALLY LONG TIME, so when the first sleeve required ripping and some recalculation, I decided to take a break so that I didn’t want to chop it into tiny little pieces by the time I was done with […]

Vacation Over, back to the grindstone

We returned yesterday from a week’s vacation in Chicago. We went for my good friend Amanda’s wedding (which you will hear more about in the future), and she was kind enough to let us stay in her apartment while she’s on her honeymoon, so C and I got our first real vacation together (yes, after […]

Gocco, I love you. Gocco, I do.

So I purchased a Gocco screen printing set from Judy at Northwood Studios full of ideas of what to print, what I was going to make and how awesome it would be. And when I unpacked it, full of anticipation, I suddenly felt like I had nothing to print! So I gave it a few […]

Bit of an update

Ruth has put out a call for some information regarding socks and the length of rows. I’m sure she’s got something intriguing about hand-dyed yarn and row length up her sleeve and in exchange for that info, she’ll add you to a drawing for some of her beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn. If you’re already knitting […]

EPS Button Bands

EPS is done and blocked and there are pictures in my camera to prove it, but first thing’s first. I told you I had concocted a way to work the button bands, but didn’t elaborate. I wanted something that would blend well with the stockinette-with-a-purl-turning-row facings that I knit at cuffs, collar and hem. I […]