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Sick and Tired, literally

There are nasties going around and we’ve got them. C was puking night before last, while I am doing my very best to fight it all off and hoping that I’m not just prolonging the inevitable. I missed SnB last night *sniff* and stayed home and slept instead, hoping that I can be healthy enough […]

Let the Holiday knitting commence!

Lest you think I have not been knitting, let me parade some FO’s for you. First there’s the Cleite Shawl, which I finished the spinning for as well as the knitting of. The yarn is alpaca laceweight handspun by me to about 30 wpi. That stuff was TINY! And I over plied it, which was […]

Blue Waves

Thanks for all the great comments about the shawl! I’m glad you like it! Amongst the shawl knitting and the being stalled with the shawl knitting, I knit a pair of socks. Pattern: Mock Wave Cable Socks from Favorite Socks Yarn: Regia 4-ply with wee stripeys. From The Loopy Ewe, included in my Loopy Groupie […]

Horrah for the return of pictures!

To christen the newly returned camera, I blocked the alpaca Seraphim Shawl I’ve been studiously ignoring since I finished it in July. Pattern: My Seraphim Shawl pattern, available through the store here. Yarn: Wild Geese Fibres alpaca, 90% natural black and 10% dyed blue. The skein had 1300 yards and I still have a pretty […]

Update on Other People's FO's.

I don’t really have an of my own, so I’ll show off other people’s, k? I’ve been getting way behind on this, so there are quite a few. Check out Lisa’s finished Adamas shawl! It looks great! Amanda finished her Icarus shawl in Handmaiden Lace Silk! I am so envious! SoCherry’s finished Icarus has got […]

Bad Movie and Good Dress Experience

Note: I found a bit of errata stuff in the Boudica Socks, so I’ve posted them on the Errata page. On Tuesday night we decided to go see Transformers. We are movie fanatics, and also hardcore geeks, so the idea of going to see a movie that’s basically at tribute to CGI in the form […]

"Boring Socks" are boring no longer

Pattern: Basic stockinette sock worked over 68 sts with 20 rows of k2p2 ribbing at the cuff, a reinforced heel flap and a round heel, and a 2.5″ 4-pointed star toe. Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino sock in the colorway “Mahogany”. Purchased from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe a while back. (p.s. buy stuff from Sheri! […]

Secret Tweedy Knitting!

It’s that time of year that seems to run away from you. When I was in school it seemed like May was always hasty and over before you knew it and I attributed this to dress rehersals, final exams, performances and papers all coming due at the close of the school year. But I’m not […]

Finished Tilia and Answer #1

Don’t forget the contest! E-mail me your answers to those 3 questions in that post and I’ll put you in the drawing for one of three prizes. #1 What is your dream job and why? My dreamjob is hard to describe… I’m pretty good at making myself miserable at any job I do, but if […]

The weekend spent dreaming of IKEA

I could have a picture of Tilia’s finished body and half finished sleeves, except that I woke up at 7:30 this morning and realized it was Monday, I had forgotten to set my alarm and I had a half hour to get dressed, pack my shit and get to work in order to not be […]