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Useful Tools for CrossCrafting

Please consider supporting me in a small way with your purchases by using the following affiliate links for supplies. It won’t cost you anything extra. Water-soluble Fabric Pen – great for marking pick up positions on fabric when knitting or crocheting onto commercial fabric. Tiny Metal Crochet Hooks – Great for puncturing fabric to pick […]

Bits and Bobs of News

I’ve got so many irons on the fire these days that I’m feeling a little frazzled trying to coming up with a coherent format for all the news I want to share. So we’ll go with a list. I LOVE lists! It’s been making me crazy happy since it arrived in the post yesterday, so […]

Building a Handsewn Wardrobe

While I was at the Craftsy Instructor Summit, I sewed a top. I had packed small (and at the last minute) and was presented with the choice of wearing a shirt a second day or making something new. I had bought a remnant of chambray from Fancy Tiger Crafts, Laura Nelkin found a needle in […]

Spring 2016 Wardrobe Planning

I’ve been absolutely jam packed with work knitting and longing to take some time for some personal crafting. I’ve got giant piles of fabric and patterns, and with the weather changing (we slept with the window open last night!) I’m starting to think about swingy linen dresses and cotton voile. And then my friend Eileen […]

2015 Goals

I know I’m halfway through February (so it feels a bit odd talking about my goals), but every time I spend some time away from the blog I find it hard to come back. I get in an insular rut and it starts to feel weird to talk about what’s going on with the internet. […]

2013 Year of Making in Review

Like most women I have body issues. I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them most days, but some days the little voice in the back of my head is extra whiney and hard to ignore. It tells me I’m not good enough, that I’ve never been good enough, that everything I do is a fraud, […]

Pattern Release: Modern Colorwork Collection

If you have a feed reader, you may have noticed a flurry of posts coming out of this blog. I had to prep everything for the release of my new Modern Colorwork Collection. The info is up for all of the pieces (see below). They will be released individually one every day this week in […]

Pebbles Dress

In just under the wire for April, but I finished another dress today! The pattern is Butterick 5639 (View C). The fabric is Valori Wells Pebbles in the Linen Cotton blend. I made a muslin (thanks to the Couture Dress Class), adjusted the bust fit, raised the neckline, and tweaked a bunch of stuff. I […]

The Virtue & Shaming of the Green Movement

I have been making changes in the way I live. I am making my own clothing, I am cooking food from scratch and eating more whole grain, I’m cooking meatless at least twice a week (although this is mostly a reactionary measure since so many heart & cholesterol problems have cropped up in my immediate […]

Make Before Buy

Thanks, everyone, for your input on my informal learning survey! If you haven’t seen it yet, please consider taking a few minutes to answer the questions here. I’ve been working this year on making more than I buy. There are many posts or articles out there railing against consumerism, and I don’t want to reinvent […]