Fearless Knitting for Local Folks

Cont. Ed Spring Catalog

A few months ago I was asked to propose a class for the University of Utah Continuing Education Program for knitting, what I’ve come up with is being offered beginning January 24th and called Fearless Knitting. It’s gonna be a really great class that covers not only the basics of how to knit and purl, various increases and decreases, but discussion on material choices to get the finished piece you want, how to read a pattern, how to fix mistakes, and how to use the many resources available for knitters online.

Even if you already know how to knit and purl the class would still be a great way to grow your skills.

If you’re in the Northern Utah area or know anybody who is and would be interested, you can sign up through the Continuing Education page or through the regular class catalog. If you’ve never taken a Cont. Ed class from the U, you pay the one tuition for the whole term and then you can take all the classes you want during that term and just pay the special fees. There’s some other really great classes I’m thinking of taking including Letterpress, The Art of the Macaron, and Bee Keeping.

I’d appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word about the class, it’s my first time teaching with Cont. Ed. and it would be great if it goes well so they keep me on in the future 🙂


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