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Risk vs. Reward: The True Costs of Fiber Teaching

WARNING: This is a math-heavy post, if you want the TL:DR version… Teaching contracts have been getting progressively worse for fiber teachers, and I don’t want to work for nothing.   This hangs on my wall. I try to use it as a guiding force when I’m up against hard decisions. This is not to […]

Stuff on my Cat

Ekho is a very laid back and relaxed kitty. He follows me from room to room quite often and is generally underfoot in the mornings when you’re half awake and it’s MOST inconvenient for him to be where your feet are. He tolerates me picking him up a lot and actually enjoys being held like […]

Things I have learned in the past month

1. I don’t do well with posting if I don’t start the week out with a ton of posts all set to publish at daily intervals. Last week was such a crappy week for posting because I didn’t take the time on Sunday to work up the week’s posts. Even if I can get through […]

And the occasional spinning

I love spinning. I just haven’t hardly had the time to sit down when I wasn’t already exhausted. I can’t spin when I’m exhausted, so I have been spinning only rarely. But I’m working on this: For my birthday last year, Margene gave me 2 big bumps of Spinderella‘s Thrums. I figured I’d better at […]