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I’ve been home for 4 days, but I’m still exhausted and all I want to do is sit on my couch and watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (anybody else totally in love with Odo?). As expected, I came home with no dearth of ideas and creative stimulation from TNNA. The sheer knitting brilliance that […]

TNNA Recap

The thing I love most about TNNA is that no matter who you’re talking to, no one has a problem with you talking about fiber. It’s like coming home. When you say “left leaning decrease” no one cocks an eyebrow at you, and no one says “Is that from a sheep?” when you say mohair. […]

Head… exploding

A half day of work combined with an afternoon flight across the country don’t make for a very stress-free Mim. Too crazy to really blog, but I made a commitment (to myself) to blog every day this week, so here it is. I’ll try to blog as much as possible from TNNA, but I’m not […]

No pictures yet.

I have pictures, they’re just in my camera and I haven’t had the time to process them yet. On Monday night I was busy finishing the sweater, last night I finished my heretofore unseen Thelonious socks right before I left to go to knitting, and this morning I needed to shower, so there’s been no […]