My Recommended Craftsy Classes

I’m a lover of learning. I’m a Craftsy instructor, and I’m also a Craftsy student. It’s so easy to take a class when you can do it on your own time and in your own home (and your own pajamas). I’m often asked what my favorite resources are for the things I make, so I’ve collected them in one place for easy access.

Full disclosure, these links will kick back a bit of the class price to me if you sign up through my link. If you prefer not to, you can go to and just search for the class title. 😀

Lace Knitting Classes:

Other Fun Knitting Techniques:

  • Brioche is really fun, and there’s been a great proliferation of Brioche patterns in the last year or two, so check out Mercedes Tarasovich’s Brioche Knitting Made Easy. The patterns in the class are really great!
  • I really enjoyed Franklin Habit’s A Practical Approach to Color for Knitters. It’s full of ways to pick color that don’t require a knowledge of color theory, plus tips for knitting colorwork.
  • Nothing beats Clara Parkes’ knowledge of yarn, so check out her Know Your Yarn class.


Garment Sewing:

  • By far my most-watched sewing class, Sewing with Knits from Meg McElwee. No serger necessary, just a regular sewing machine and a walking foot (which she tells you all about)
  • For making a toile (or a muslin) and making a perfect fit for yourself, I really like The Couture Dress.
  • Craftsy has a series of Sloper classes. Slopers are base garments that are made to your measurements and then used as a base for a bunch of different styles. They have a sloper class for Pants, Bodices, Skirts, and for Knit Fabrics. Then, to customize your slopers, they have classes on Darts & Seam Lines, Collars & Closures, Necklines, and Sleeves. All in all, it’s a pretty comprehensive class in customized pattern-making.


  • I’ve taken a few Gluten Free Baking classes, and Baking with the Gluten Free Girl is by far and away the best I’ve taken. Shauna is knowledgeable, friendly, and her recipes are spot on. I’ve been making the Sandwich Bread just about every week for months. It comes out phenomenally every time. Highly recommended!
  • I love Pho, it’s amazing, but making it has always intimidated me. Vietnamese Classics: Pho, Noodles and Beyond offers a quicky version as well as the traditional long-cooked version. It’s awesome.
  • I feel that sauce is what elevates a regular meal to a gourmet awesomeness. A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces teaches basics and variations on Béchamel, Beurre Blanc, Tomato Sauces, Brown Sauces, Velouté, Mayonnaise & Aioli, and Hollandaise & Béarnaise. It’s awesome.
  • Roasting is one of my favorite cooking techniques. It fills my house with amazing smells, it gives a lot of flavor, and it’s relatively simple. So this class from Molly Stevens called Roasting Techniques Every Cook Should Know is perfect! Give it a shot!

Have fun! And go learn something new!

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