My name is Miriam Felton, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. I began knitting in high school because, although I crocheted very well, I was rather bored with the limits of crochet (i.e. bulk and massive yarn usage). So I had my sister cast on for me and then off I went. I learned most everything else from books, and I was designing from the start.

I began blogging in October 2004 (and moved my blog in July 2006 to my own domain, and in June 2011 to this new domain. All older blog posts can be viewed here). In late 2005 I began designing patterns to offer for sale. Since then I have had patterns published by Interweave Press in magazines and books, Sensual Knits,and in the online magazines Knitty and Twist Collective, and I have self published many patterns both in print and electronic formats. In July 2010 I self-published my first book, Twist & Knit, that’s a compendium of technique and patterns with variable gauge so that one can knit until one runs out of yarn.

You can purchase all of my self-published patterns through Ravelry and a full list of my patterns and where they can be found (including Ravelry purchase links) can be viewed on the Designs Page. If you are interested in paper versions of the patterns, talk to your LYS (Local Yarn Store) about ordering from Deep South Fibers or send them the link to the Wholesale Page.

I also hand bind books and offer Limited Edition Hand Bound copies of my books and occasionally have some handbound books or screenprinted stuff for sale on Etsy.

Enjoy your stay and please feel free to comment. I may not have time to respond to all comments, but if you would like to ask a question I will be sure to respond.

I want this blog to be a community of diverse people who have the common thread of fiber arts to hold them together, whether they participate in the fiber arts, or are simply spectators, all are welcome. But to create a safe community where everyone can speak their mind and not injure others, please observe this code of conduct with me:

  • Be courteous.
  • Give accurate information in the spirit of being helpful.
  • Respectfully disagree.
  • Use the correct venue for your post.
  • Admit the possibility of fault and respect different points of views.
  • If you screw up, take responsibility for your actions.
  • As the host of this blog, I will attempt to find balance between allowing ‘free speech’ and protecting the rights of my readers. This means no abusive, harrassing or threatening comments will be allowed.
  • As writer of this blog, I will not write anything on line that I would not say in person.

For more discussion on this code of conduct, please see the following posts:

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Please use one of the following e-mails if you have any questions:

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Thanks, and happy knitting!