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2015 Goals

I know I’m halfway through February (so it feels a bit odd talking about my goals), but every time I spend some time away from the blog I find it hard to come back. I get in an insular rut and it starts to feel weird to talk about what’s going on with the internet. […]

2013 Year of Making in Review

Like most women I have body issues. I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them most days, but some days the little voice in the back of my head is extra whiney and hard to ignore. It tells me I’m not good enough, that I’ve never been good enough, that everything I do is a fraud, […]

The Virtue & Shaming of the Green Movement

I have been making changes in the way I live. I am making my own clothing, I am cooking food from scratch and eating more whole grain, I’m cooking meatless at least twice a week (although this is mostly a reactionary measure since so many heart & cholesterol problems have cropped up in my immediate […]

Back to the Snowy Mountains

I am torn. While I really do love being home, I left behind palm trees and sunshine in California and returned to snow in the mountain desert. I got a lot done at TNNA, including sourcing the yarns for my next collection (the focus of which is Modern Colorwork, and you will LOVE it!), launching […]

It is raining, and I am pleased

The rain is just what I needed after the last month. It’s been quite hot here, with highs in the upper 90’s, and my garden is pleased as punch about it and has shown me so by producing tomatoes a full month earlier than normal. Rain always feels like a fresh start for me, and […]

Cherry Time!

We’re deep into cherry season here in Salt Lake, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. In fact, lots of red fruits are in season. I’m planning to make myself a Cherry Slab Pie this weekend. To celebrate Cherry Season, from now until the end of July, get 50% off the Summer Cherries Shawl! It uses about […]

An Unusual Weekend

When you get out of the habit of blogging, it’s hard to remember to start up again 🙂 I’ve been a busy girl, especially since this is canning season. This weekend alone produced 14 Quarts and 1 pint of dill pickles, a batch of amazingly wonderful honeydew and nectarine ice cream, and a growing crush […]

Breaking Radio Silence

Secret knitting and a week of being away from home makes for very boring blogging. I’ve been taking my 365 self portraits regularly though, and tending my garden. We treated the garden with fish emulsion (and I did some green waste puree on my own), and then I left for 5 days. When I came […]


Andromeda has been done for some time, but I just hadn’t taken pictures of her. Pattern: Andromeda shawl, pattern forthcoming. Yarn: Impulse of Delight, Bluefaced Bliss. 100% Blue-faced Leicester, approx. 375 yards per 110 grams. less than 2 skeins of “Blue Skies”. This yarn is luscious! It has a lovely bit of shine that glows […]

Easy Peasy Pasta Salad

The thing I love most about summer and the warmer months is the fresh produce. During the summer I head to my local farmer’s market every weekend and return home laden down with fruits and vegetables that were just too beautiful to pass up. I sometimes buy more than I can carry and bought myself […]