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Keeping it Real

So hi, I wasn’t ready to talk about it until now, and I’m not really even sure if I’m ready now, but it’s time. Early this summer I spent 6 weeks going through a regimented withdrawal for a drug I was on for my Fibromyalgia. It worked for a while, then it stopped, so I […]

2015 Goals

I know I’m halfway through February (so it feels a bit odd talking about my goals), but every time I spend some time away from the blog I find it hard to come back. I get in an insular rut and it starts to feel weird to talk about what’s going on with the internet. […]

The Art of Slowing Down

This poor blog, once created as a way to connect with the outside world, and basically neglected for the last few years. It’s been over year since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 4 months of getting worse while I was participating in a drug trial (and by all indications on the placebo), and 9 months […]

2013 Year of Making in Review

Like most women I have body issues. I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them most days, but some days the little voice in the back of my head is extra whiney and hard to ignore. It tells me I’m not good enough, that I’ve never been good enough, that everything I do is a fraud, […]

Sayonara 2013!

Looking back from this side of the new year, I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of 2013. Early in the year, we thought my Dad was dying of congestive heart failure and I spent months silently grieving that I would loose him. It turns out his pacemaker wasn’t working as it should, […]

The Virtue & Shaming of the Green Movement

I have been making changes in the way I live. I am making my own clothing, I am cooking food from scratch and eating more whole grain, I’m cooking meatless at least twice a week (although this is mostly a reactionary measure since so many heart & cholesterol problems have cropped up in my immediate […]

Welcome to 2013!

Looking forward to the new year I have a few goals, not the least of which is to use this space more. Writing is a muscle that I’ve not exercised very well in the last year, and I’m feeling the lack. So here they are… 2013’s goals: 1. Blog regularly 2. Make cheese 3. Learn […]

It is raining, and I am pleased

The rain is just what I needed after the last month. It’s been quite hot here, with highs in the upper 90’s, and my garden is pleased as punch about it and has shown me so by producing tomatoes a full month earlier than normal. Rain always feels like a fresh start for me, and […]

That moment before I breathe again….

You know that moment… when you’re waiting for an answer, waiting for the next step, or you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop…. that held breath, the suspended time. That frozen moment, where you feel like time has slowed and will never reach its conclusion. Yeah. That’s where I am. I’m winding up the […]

Coming Back

I had reached that point where blogging was a chore I’d rather push to the bottom of the to-do list until it finally fell right off the page. I was trying to strike the right balance between being personable and personal while still being creatively interesting. And it just got boring for me. With the […]