Tutorials & Reference Shelf

This is a collection of Lace Knitting (and general knitting) references that I’ve found useful.  Hope you find the same.

Check out my YouTube channel with tutorial videos for techniques useful in working my patterns, including a variety of cast ons and bind offs as well as specific techniques used in my patterns.

Tutorials from Miriam

Lace Design Tutorial
Part I, II, and III

Lace Structure Tutorial
Part I, II, and III

Beading the edge of a shawl

Better-Fitting Toe-up Heel Flap

Enlarging PDF Charts

Knitted-on Border Tutorial

Blocking Gloves

Long Cast Ons

English Paper Piecing Project Bag

Tips for Granny Log Cabin Blocks

Handling Increases and Decreases in Stranded Colorwork

Tips for Colorwork

Getting the Most From Your Ball of Yarn

Matching Folded Hem

Yarn Weight Chart

Cloudlift’s Cast-Ons and Pickups

Tutorials from Others

Majoring In Lace
Part I, II, III, and IV

Using Charts, even if you hate them

Trick for Grafting Lace
Thanks to Knitter Guy

Video about using charts for lace
Thanks to Knitter Guy

Handy Stuff

List of Rectangular Shawl Patterns
All available online

List of Triangular Shawl Patterns
Arranged by yardage

Shawl Progress Calculator
Link in the sidebar

Knitting Chart Maker
Free Applet from Jacquie