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What do Difficulty Ratings in patterns really mean?

Something has been bugging me for years in the fiber arts world.   When submitting a pattern to a print or online magazine, or even when submitting classes, I’m often required to give a pattern or class a difficulty rating. But how helpful are these ratings, really? What constitutes a “beginner” pattern? I think we […]

Risk vs. Reward: The True Costs of Fiber Teaching

WARNING: This is a math-heavy post, if you want the TL:DR version… Teaching contracts have been getting progressively worse for fiber teachers, and I don’t want to work for nothing.   This hangs on my wall. I try to use it as a guiding force when I’m up against hard decisions. This is not to […]

Tips for Granny Log Cabin Blocks

1. If you’re new to crochet, I recommend checking out the series of articles Amy O’Neill Houck and I have been writing for knitty.com. Specifically this one on Granny Squares. Keep in mind that the version of a granny square you’re working in the pattern is slightly different, but the techniques are the same. This […]

On my love affair with Granny Squares

I learned to crochet when I was 8. But my love of Granny Squares came a bit later. An 8-year-old doesn’t have a lot of free cash to buy bunches of different colored yarns, and I would save my allowance or raid my mom’s craft room stash to make doll blankets, and covers for tables, […]